What if ChatGPT sounded like you?

Get 2x work done in the same time

What if you could do a lot less of the boring work, and focus on what moves the needle? Well, now you can.

What is Veso Nexus?

We thought ChatGPT could be so much better for businesses…

What if it was more accurate, let me save and share prompts, knew about me and my team, and had useful templates for my industry?

So we set out to do something about it by building Nexus!

A team of AI experts over at Veso worked day and night over the last 16 months to build something we loved using. Now it’s ready to be loved by people like You!

What can you do with Nexus?

Nexus Writer AI – Powered by Anthropic Claude 3™

Generate detailed, genuine, written works in moments

Nexus AI Notes Feature

AI notes ✨ Store your notes and in one click, transform them into their best version.

“I track my notes when on client calls in Nexus and in ten seconds I get a completely formatted conversation to send to my clients, they love the professionalism.”
Jeremy Wright – Esva Marketing LLC.
Nexus Prompt Manager

Premade prompt templates to get you started. Create, save and share your own to get your edge.

PRO file manager

Upload your files to power your AI generations with your specific business data

Simple & Fair pricing


No credit card

✅ Access Veso Core

✅ Free 100 credits

✅ Risk free

✅ 28 days expiry


$20 / Per month

✅ Access Veso Core

✅ AI Generator

✅ AI Chat

✅ Prompt templates


$50 / Per month

✅ Manage workspaces

✅ PRO Prompts

✅ AI File libraries

✅ Business support