Earn 30% by referring Nexus to your networks

  • Earn as you grow with your very own clients.
  • Get leading advice, support and training in GenAI.
  • Position yourself with an edge in the market.

Benefits of becoming a partner

Become an independent software vendor of Veso Nexus, leveraging the most accurate Generative AI suite to grow.

Enhanced Revenue Streams

Partners benefit from a 20% commission fee for 36 months from credit usage by referred entities, establishing a long-term, passive income source.

Market Expansion

partner program facilitates entry into diverse markets and niches, enabling partners to broaden their reach and impact.

Join an exclusive community

Engage with a dynamic ecosystem designed for consultants and professionals in the AI education / implementation space.

Learn and grow

Partners receive in-depth training and continuous support, ensuring they can maximize the utility and integration of Veso Nexus within various workflows.

Strategic Collaboration

The program fosters a collaborative environment, providing partners with opportunities to co-create solutions and strategies for complex client needs.

Innovative Solutions

Access to customizable apps and an AI sidekick feature allows partners to present innovative solutions, transforming mundane tasks into strategic opportunities for growth.